TestMace is a simple but powerful tool for API automation testing
Do you want to get out of your routine and contribute more to the project you work on having no programming skills? Save your time with TestMace!
About the product
How does it work?
Configure a request
Take advantage of the user-friendly request builder
Send a request
Analyze your web service response via the detailed view on the right side of the screen
Write a test
Configure your test, based on a server response
Run tests
Regression test your API by running created tests
Why TestMace?
Complex tests
Create tests of any complexity: hierarchical inheritance of properties, reusing of any described entities with entities reference
Benefit from the version control system and code review tools with a well-organized file structure and readable YAML-files format
Generating tests
Generate tests from Swagger, WSDL (smoke and boundary tests)
Javascript tests
Create your own scenarios and get unlimited flexibility
Undo and redo changes
API import
Swagger, WSDL support
Define variables globally or within the scope of a particular node. Use it to store and reuse any data.
Accelerate the creation of requests and other nodes using smart autocompletion available for all input fields.
Syntax highlighting
Increase the efficiency of working with query parameters with built-in syntax highlighting
Share button
Share a request with your co-workers in one click